as of November 2022

700K Policies

issued instantly and in real-time, with as many as 10,000 policies a day.Customers can get insured in as fast as 3 minutes with over 6 products to choose from in the GCash GInsure Marketplace.

4,200+ Claims

paid out for Dengue, COVID-19, accidents, hospital bills, and even death.Customers get their claims paid out in as fast as 5 minutes, and benefits range from Php 500 to Php 5 million.

Rated Excellent

in Trustpilot, with 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 2,400+ verified reviews of happy and satisfied customers.
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Industry Challenge

Getting insured in the Philippines has long been a traditional system.


Products are generic, inflexible, and don't offer meaningful coverage.


Agent and broker fees hike up the costs of the insurance products.


Most customer experiences are digital only at the point of purchase


In the end, customers don't get value for their money.

Solving these gaps

A B2B2C business model

To reach the right people, Singlife Philippines built a portable, full-service insurance microsite to distribute meaningful insurance products fast. This makes insurance accessible through partnerships with digital platforms.

The standard for digital fulfillment

  1. Customers can purchase in 5 minutes and get their policy instantly.

  2. Customers can cancel within 15 days and get a refund right away.

  3. First and only to cover the After Sales insurance transactions.

  4. Manage and Claims are all in once place: customers receive payouts in the same account.


Building the product suite

Income Loss

Get money in case you're unable to work due to disability or death

Medical Costs

Get money to pay for hospitalization & medical expenses


Grow and protect your money while setting aside for your future expenses

Customers are insured in as fast as 5 minutes

Plus: view, manage, & file a claim all in one place

user experience

The role of UX in supporting the business

We talk to potential customers

When we are unsure about decisions, we do usability tests to make better informed decisions.

We experiment frequently

We've established that small changes have a big impact, so we often find experiences we can experiment on and measure.

We make it easy to work with us

Getting better UX support means making it effortless to do activities within the team.

user experience

Talking to customers

user experience

Funnel experiments

user experience

How UX fits in the organization


A manual vs. a sales offer

One problem that stood out is our top of funnel conversions. Of those who land on our product page for Cash for Income Loss, only 25-32% proceed to Get a Quote. 3 out 5 people people just leave after viewing the page for a few seconds.
It's here that we agreed how the product page looks more like a manual rather than a sales offer. Potential customers may click on a banner ad leading them here, but they eventually lose interest in the product's proposition and what it can mean for them right away.

What we thought were the culprits

  1. The card sections contained too much information.

  2. The information on said cards were overwhelming.

  3. Navigating within the cards were not as efficient.

The Objective

How might we make a complex thing way more simple without losing the intended message? How should we redesign the page in a way that rigorously simplifies it?

We have to remember that insurance is essentially a contract, and contracts intimidate people. Showing them lengthy sentences without breaking them down appropriately, no matter how visually appealing, is still a wall of text. It's still difficult to absorb, and much more challenging to remember.


SIM will be embedded in the partner's platform through an entry point


By clicking the entry point, customers are taken to our microsite without leaving the partner's platform


Customers can learn more about the product on SIM


SIM pulls customer's verified personal data from the partner and use it for policy issuance. They don't need to fill out details again.


Customers can get a personalized quote and buy a plan in just a few clicks.


When customers are ready to pay, we'll take them back to the partner's payment service where they can use their wallet/account to pay for premiums.


Once payment is successful, the policy will be issued instantly. Customers will receive a welcome email and SMS in a matter of seconds!


Customers will also be able to view and manage their policies through the partner's platform - including cancellation and filing a claim 24/7.


Refunds and benefit payouts will be credited to the partner's wallet or account, rounding up a full-circle digital experience!


A 25% increase in conversions on the first 2 weeks it was deployed.

Clicks for Get a Quote now jumped from 34% to 42%. That's a 25% increase from the previous experience.

Links and References

  1. UI/UX Design Team includes King Zeus Villarante, Flerizza Dai Sanidad, Sarah Javier, Patrisha Paredes, Mai Crespo, Franz Panlilio, Kyra Fae Manzanares

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