A mobile experience beyond student-teacher interactions

Academy Solutions is a Philippine tech startup built using the social platform of Vietnam-based software company Mingle Ltd.. The Academy App provides a mobile-driven social technology solution to academic institutions looking for an affordable, customizable, and features-packed digital platform using a modular approach to app development.


App Features

In a nutshell, the academy app is primarily an offering for universities who'd like to get their own branded app. The features are modular: schools can choose only what they need for their official school social app. There is no need to build one from scratch.

Social Feed
Calendar and Notifications
Profile and Directory
Chat Rooms


An Internal User Interface Kit

With Academy, my contributions are largely a technical one. Features are based from Mingle's existing technology builds. To enable the generation of quick sales proposals, screen designs had to be easily replicated to show each school's official branding. I also helped transition the team to using a system of interconnected Sketch Libraries from space-heavy individual Photoshop files.


As an EdTech startup in the Philippines, building businesses around schools in general is a shaky ground. Academy still needed a solid product-market validation.
While no longer operational, the Academy platform serviced 3 universities in 2018.

Links and References

  1. Work done together with Chief Product and Design Officer Mara Maclang.

  2. Logo created by Al Domingo.

  3. Visit Mingle

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