What else?

I do research, design, and strategy embedded in agile teams. Here's my CV.

As a designer, I make experiences that combine business goals, complex technology, and real user needs. As a colleague, I unite and inform the team on who we're building for and why we're building it. Life is complicated enough; people should experience services that are easy and effortless. ūüėä

If we're getting technical, I can:

  1. Conduct User Research (Usability Tests, Surveys, Concept Tests, Contextual Inquiry, Competitive Analysis, Quantitative Data Analysis), confidently present findings, and recommend solutions across teams and stakeholders.

  2. Design Wireframes, User Flows, and Prototypes to gather feedback and make the design-to-development handoff a breeze.

  3. Write microcopy that is clear, informative, and simple.

You could say I'm a generalist.

But I intend to fully specialize in research and strategy eventually ūü§ď
I've made technology work for Marketing, Education, Finance, E-Commerce and SaaS industries. Right now, I'm focused on Insurance.

When not working, I'm probably brewing coffee, petting my cat, reading, or running.

A photo of me together with my odd-eyed white pet kitty.