Renting is Simple

Rent Items is a USA-based rental technology startup and a peer-to-peer rental marketplace with a vision to put idle and barely used assets to better use. Rent Items is on a mission to maximize earning potential for item owners, enable sustainable practices within communities, and generally empower people to live simply by means of renting what they don't need.


We all have too much stuff. Why not rent it out?

With a platform like Rent Items, people can make the most out of their unused material possessions. Technology already caters to properties available for rent, why not do the same for everyday stuff? This is useful for local communities, short-term use of items, events, or travellers visiting for a short period of time.

List anything

Rent anything


A Usability Scope

The entire platform was pretty much built already. The function was getting there, but lacked any appeal or a hint of what the web app can offer. My involvement involved a complete front-facing overhaul and writing copy on a few parts of the journey to achieve a usable system following a few of the company's core principles.


A highly intuitive experience.

Formalizing an age-old process must be equally easy. And with technology, there is an opportunity to an extra layer of security.


Sharing the sharing economy.

With a new platform, it is natural to start with growth: acquire users, populate the marketplace, grow transactional activities.


Adding Clarity and Structure

It is unclear what the platform can offer. To solve this, we gave people the ability to search for what they need first.



The Listing Details pages also remained unstructured.

To fix this, user actions are now always available. Important information also shown in a way that isn't overwhelming, by breaking them down in separate sections.

In addition to the above improvements, the search function now includes a map so people can look for what they need locally. The launched version also has an improved fulfillment process: rental transactions are authenticated through photos and unique codes for both renter and owner. This adds some peace of mind for the duration of the transaction.


An Improved Experience

Links and References

  1. Demo photos via Freepik and Annie Spratt from Unsplash

  2. Visit Rent Items

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